So, who is this Annie Talbot, anyway?

My parents tell me I was born knowing how to read.  While that is clearly a fond fiction, it’s true that I was reading ahead of my mother at storytime.  She figured it out, eventually.  Reading remains one of my great loves to this day.  (Many decades later!)

My dream, as a child and teenager, was to be a writer.  Even when I ran into the English teachers from hell, who despised my writing and gave my essays and stories low marks… even when that pesky streak of realism demanded that I train for a career in a field with a guaranteed income, I yearned to tell my stories.

But, as is often the case in life, I outgrew my dreams.  Or so I thought…

And then the internet came around.  And I picked up my metaphorical pen and began to tell my stories to people who loved them.  In so doing, I rediscovered my passion for my own words, not just the words of others.  I began to edit other people’s stories and renewed my love of grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation.

My favorite item of punctuation is the semicolon, if you were wondering.  Well, actually, it’s my favorite piece of punctuation, whether you were wondering or not.

So now, here I am.  Poised to begin a new career.  Not just a job, but that thing that I believe is my true vocation.

My name is Annie Talbot.  I write stories.  And when I publish them, which I surely will, I hope you’ll read them and enjoy them.

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