Prince SPaGhetti Day – The Prince’s Tale

Perhaps you recall the old Prince Spaghetti commercial:  Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti day in Boston.  I’ve decided to revive the old custom, but with a twist.

On Wednesdays, I’ll post twice.  First, I’ll post The Prince’s Tale (with a nod to J.K. Rowling), in which I post photos of interesting men.  Sometimes because they’re brilliant, sometimes because they’re hot, and sometimes because they’re both at once!

This week’s man is my mental picture of the hero of my current WIP, a paranormal romance set during the Napoleonic wars.  The character is named Fletcher Cunningham, and his specialty is magical cryptography.

Yes, I know that’s a modern picture, and the story’s set during the late Georgian/Regency period.  Yet that’s how I think of him!  However, for the purists among you, I’ll admit that he has done Regency.  He appeared in the BBC’s mostly excellent production of Persuasion (it was good up until the last ten minutes).  So here he is in period garb.

Lovely, isn’t he?  Sophia (my heroine) doesn’t stand a chance!


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4 responses to “Prince SPaGhetti Day – The Prince’s Tale

  1. Rebecca

    Oh yes, he’s goooood, all right. *sighs.

  2. That sure leaves a great first impression of your hero.
    I wonder what magical cryptography is…

  3. christev

    Oh, the period picture makes me want to search out his magical crypt, that’s for sure! 😀

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