Book Review – The Witness, by Nora Roberts

When I buy a Nora Roberts book, I have certain expectations.  I know her heroes and heroines.  I know the basic plotlines.

Basically, I’m looking for a comfortable read from a master storyteller.  And that’s not exactly what I got this time.

The masterful storytelling was still there.  And yet, her characters weren’t variations on the same (awesome) theme.  The heroine reads a bit like Temperance Brennan in Bones sounds.  Brilliant, literal, a bit beyond socially awkward.

Her growth in this, from frightened girl to ever-vigilant fugitive to, finally, secure and loving woman, is deftly shown and entirely believable.  The hero, a bit lower-key than the normal Roberts hero, but definitely as strong, is the perfect mate for her.

The writing in this one wasn’t quite as smooth as always, but Roberts was trying something new.  And she succeeded very well. (My one criticism – as is often the case – is that the editing is not wonderful.  I really wish that publishers would take spelling as seriously as they do their bottom lines.)

All in all, I heartily recommend the book, and I commend Nora Roberts for taking the risk of deviating from a proven formula.  She did it very well, indeed.

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